Housing Concierge

As far as you are passionate and enthusiastic, working as a Housing Concierge worker offers you a very important role of supporting and ensuring the safety and security of services. You’re required to do regular Health and Safety checks to ensuring the safety/security of the buildings and clients.This role needs one to be involved with different safety and security activities including CCTV monitoring, regularly patrolling the premises and also monitoring visitors to/from the building.

Support Workers

Our support workers are trained with extensive experiences to support clients who have complex needs. Their roles include taking the clients out for shopping, supporting them to safely move around the community, mentorship etc. Our support staff are very hardworking and dedicated to their duties making our clients always satisfied with our services.

Supported Living

Working as a supported living worker, your role requires that you are passionate and motivated to help vulnerable people,Someone who is willing to make a positive impact in peoples lives .You’ll be experienced in personal care, record keeping, medication administration, safeguarding vulnerable individuals and assisting in the delivery of tasks that are based on clients’ support plans, needs and aspirations. By doing this, you’re empowering individuals building needed independent living skills.

Temporary Workers

We hire candidates who are fully compliant and qualified for their roles.