I’m not going to write too much about the beginning of my journey but I want to give you an insight about where I started from. 

Nearly 4 years ago I left my long-term relationship, my hair was to falling out again and severe dandruff had taken over my scalp. I was diagnosed with anaemia, had put on a lot of weight and overall I didn’t feel like Rochelle. To be honest with you I felt like my life was falling apart at the age of 23, I know drama queen. 

I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and knew that I had to figure out a way to find my happiness again, from the inside-out. So I created a spreadsheet and began to write down how I felt and why every single day, rating myself from 1-5.

Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally making sure that I did better than the previous day. 

This clarified to me the things that made me feel good and bad. For example, on the days that I use to exercise physically my body would feel better than the days that I didn’t. Or mentally I would feel drained when I wasn’t organised or if I hadn’t drunk my green shake in the morning, there were different reasons every day. By analysing my patterns and habits I started to understand myself more and my vision became clearer about what I needed. I spent a lot of time alone, working, researching about natural hair remedies, fitness, spirituality the list goes on. All of which I am a lot more knowledgable about. 

Those quiet times is what I need to grow and I’m still learning. My point here is to start focusing on you, what you need, what you want and those little things that make you feel happy. It won’t happen overnight but take baby steps every single day as I did.

I haven’t got all of the answers but I can tell you that physically I feel better than I ever have, mentally my mind is getting stronger by the day. Spiritually I have more faith in myself and emotionally I’m at peace. Lastly, my hair is growing *yippie* and my scalp condition is nowhere near as bad. Some days I struggle to keep up with my to-do list and overthink but I am human. 

Please, be kinder to yourself and take your time because you would regret it. 

Love, Rochelle

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