Seborrheic Dermatitis, Dry Scalp, Eczema

Scalp conditions can occur for many different reasons and occasionally lead to hair loss. Since I was a toddler I suffered from eczema, then at the age of 15 it developed into severe seborrheic dermatitis. Although there is no fixed cure for these conditions over the last decade I have identified 6 tips which work for me. 

1. Stay Hydrated

When you don’t drink enough water your whole body will become dehydrated, and yes this does include your scalp! The colour of your urine is the first indication to let you know whether you are drinking enough water, and I made this colour chart so it’s easy for you to monitor. I recommend starting with at least one litre a day then building up. I use to carry around a reusable water bottle and leave stacks of water in my room.

                                                                                                                          Urine Colour Chart

2. Try Not To Cover Your Head

No hats, caps, wraps, bonnets…you understand where I’m going. If you wear any of these daily for a long period they will stop your scalp from getting fresh air. It will start to sweat and yeast will being to build on your scalp causing your condition to reoccur quicker than usual. Use a satin or silk pillowcase at night for less friction and if you wear a hijab take it off as soon as you get home. Give your scalp time to breathe.

3. Buy A Humidifier

Humidifiers are used to add more moisture into the air, during the harsh winter months they will prevent your body and hair from dryness. Before bed I usually leave it on for an hour or two then I switch it off just before I hit the sack. 

4. Eat Healthily 

Yes, yes, yes I know. It is harder than it seems but your scalp will thank you for it and you will see results. Too much yeast, dairy, gluten, acidic foods and alcohol will cause the pH of your body to go out of balance. Develop and maintain a balanced healthy diet but still enjoy your luxuries. 

5. Blow Dry Your Hair

People that I know and on YouTube have mixed opinions about this. For an individual who suffers from a scalp condition, it’s in important for you to dry or semi blow dry your hair but mainly focusing on the scalp. The reason is because yeast likes warm and wet places to grow, therefore the longer you leave your scalp wet the more opportunity you are giving it to develop.

I have been blow drying my hair for 3 years, on a medium heat around 10cm from my hair. I stretch my hair rather than running it through with the afro head comb and that has worked for me. 

6. Don’t Look!

When you suffer from a scalp condition you are conscious that everyone else might notice it falling onto your clothes throughout the day. I use to be so nervous at work and always thought that people were looking at me. I decided to stop looking at my hair every time went into the bathroom and waited until I got home. It helped me to be less anxious and I could focus on my work. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips if you have any advice for me or would like some help, get in touch!


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