Research from Mental Health Today suggests that the number of us seeking help from a private therapist or counsellor has increased by 65%, since 2016 due to the extremely long NHS mental health lists.

Yes I Went To Therapy…6 Things I Learned

Last year I went to therapy for a short term, 10 weeks to be exact when it was recommended by a friend. Although I’ve never thought about therapy and I wasn’t suffering from any serious mental health problems I didn’t feel like myself. I got into a bad cycle of being a prisoner to my thoughts, even though I had so much to do nothing was getting done. There were some personal topics I wanted to get off my chest and vent about, but I didn’t want to speak to my family or friends. I wanted someone outside of my immediate circle who would be able to give me the advice, support and discipline I needed.

I searched online and found one website that stood out to me, the Black and Asian Therapists Network. All I had to do was put in my postcode and a list of local therapists showed up. I scrolled through and contacted one who stood out the most to me, she had a good experience and I liked how kind her face looked.  After my consultation, I knew she was the person I would feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with. 

I have spoken to many people know who are considering therapy or know someone who would benefit from the help, so I came up with a list of networks where you can find one quick and easy. There are some charities and companies which offer low-cost service as counselling and therapy can become expensive.

Below is a list of some of the quick and easy therapy and counselling networks:

The Black and Asian Therapists Network

Headstrong Counselling

Psychology Today

Search for a therapist from different sexualities (LGBT), race, age, language and faith.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Well Doing

Counselling Directory

British Psychotherapy Foundation

Humans Givens Institute

I hope you find this useful and if you know of any other website please do comment below. 

Love, Rochelle

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